Naruporn Srisukri (Kwan)

Sawasdee ka (Hello!)

Full Name: Naruporn Srisukri
Nickname: Kwan (In Thailand, our nicknames have zero relation to our full names. I know.)

Young creative/art director from University of Lincoln. Keen, energetic and optimistic. I work hard wherever I am, have high standards in everything I work on and enjoy working with and learning from talented, positive and enthusiastic people.

I have always been an 'idea' person and not 'craft'. I enjoy problem solving, studying people and understanding what drives them to do what they do. However, before joining University of Lincoln, I used to go to a design school in Singapore. So, that has also made me become the very picky person that I am in terms of crafting.

I have also received:
D&AD Student Awards 2013 - Nomination
Best Student Award 2013 - University of Lincoln, Creative Advertising
Faculty Champion Scholarship 2013 - University of Lincoln
President Design Award (Singapore) 2011 - Design of the Year Nomination
Crowbar 24-Hour Advertising Challenge 2010 - Winner
Spikes Academy, Spikes Asia Ad Fest 2010 - National Representative

I have been a part of:
Dare, London as a Creative Intern - Aug-Sept '13
D&AD Graduate Academy - July '13
Leo Burnett, Thailand as a Creative Intern - Jun-Jul '11

Creative Review:

University of Lincoln:

The Crowbar Awards:

Also, I live to sing in the shower, and I occasionally do it on Youtube.
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